About Us

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Devon Clunis

I've always believed that one person can make a difference and my personal and professional life has been about exhibiting that ideal.

I grew up in Jamaica and immigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1975 at age 11.  With the help of key difference makers I was able to achieve success in a culturally challenging setting. The little boy from Jamaica went on to become a Canadian history maker; the first Black Chief of Police in Canadian history. 

As Chief of the Winnipeg Police Service, I led an organization of over 1900 employees with an annual budget surpassing $263,000,000.00.  


Success meant learning to navigate complex work environments, attracting and retaining highly motivated, passionate, results-driven, team-oriented individuals, while creating inclusive, caring cultures that gave each individual a sense of purpose and belonging. 

I now apply these proven leadership principles across North America helping individuals and organizations achieve their aspirational goals. 

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Pearlene Clunis

Devon and I come from different backgrounds yet share a similar journey. I was born in Osoyoos, British Columbia, but moved to Minitonas and Moosehorn, Manitoba, in my early childhood.


I experienced a different yet equally impacting kind of cultural immersion as my parents welcomed many international visitors.


I had the good fortune of being introduced to many different cultures in my childhood and youth. I also had the opportunity to overcome challenges through the goodness of others and my own brand of resiliency.


Those varying experiences led me into the fashion world where I owned my own business and became an international award-winning fashion designer.  The Little Girl from Osoyoos would have never imagined that.


Throughout my career in the fashion industry, I grew passionate about women's rights and the need to advocate on behalf of vulnerable and exploited women.  


This has become a significant part of my purpose as Clunis Consulting strives to build a culturally diverse and inclusive society.


Our Approach

Working with a diverse and experienced group of professionals, Clunis Consulting aims to pave a new path in the areas of personal and organizational leadership and community enrichment. 

We believe that creating leaders that have emotional intelligence and cultural awareness is one of the best things we can do for the corporate world.

Future Potential

We also believe that giving every child the opportunity to achieve their potential in a healthy community is equally critical to our future. Sharing stories of struggles and successes are important because they give us a meaningful context for hope. We have authored two children's books, The Little Boy from Jamaica: A Canadian History Story and The Little Girl from Osoyoos, which we hope will help create an understanding of contemporary social issues, leading to an aware and culturally sensitive generation of young adults.  

We would love to share our principles for a purpose-filled and successful life with you.