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Devon A. Clunis

Bob Keber

I've always believed that one person can make a difference and my personal/professional life has been about exhibiting that ideal.


As Chief of the Winnipeg Police Service, I led an organization with over 1900 employees and an annual budget surpassing $263,000,000.00.  I learned to navigate complex operational environments and successfully transformed policing in our city.  As the leader of a major police organization, I had the opportunity to develop skills and enhance my leadership abilities in unique ways. I learned how to create environments that attract and retain highly motivated, passionate, results-driven, team-oriented individuals.  I learned how to create inclusive, caring cultures that gave each individual a sense of purpose and belonging. I learned how to create a real sense of fulfilment by showing individuals that their actions mattered and giving them authority and autonomy to act.


My post policing consulting work across North America has highlighted the growing leadership gap across all sectors. There is a desire at all levels, across all sectors, for caring, visionary, inspiring leadership.  I've worked with a number of outstanding leaders throughout my career who have each played a part in my leadership journey.  Each one is uniquely qualified to assist you in your leadership journey.  We have come together to share our extensive leadership training and experience with you in hopes of helping you to be the very best you can.


The leadership principles which led to our success are not specific to policing.  They will work in any leadership environment.