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Bob Keber

Bob is a keynote speaker and consultant within the education, non-profit and corporate communities, delivering benchmarked strategies and initiatives to those that seek to facilitate change to their safety and security culture.

Throughout Bob’s 30 years with the Winnipeg Police Service, he served in numerous operational and supervisory roles where he obtained a unique blend of certifications and experience which has led to holistic safety initiatives and strategies throughout the Province of Manitoba.

His training and experience in the field of Violence Threat Risk Assessments & Trauma Responses, Active Shooter/Active Aggressor Civilian Response, Pre-Attack Threat Assessment, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design and Vulnerability Assessments, will enhance your workplace preparedness by providing insights and training to those who are truly the “First Responders”- those who are on scene when the crisis begins.


Bob's training will prepare your employees and leaders to respond effectively to the increasing threat of critical workplace events.