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Pearlene Clunis was born in Osoyoos, British Columbia, in 1967.  Her family moved to rural Manitoba when she was under a year old. Pearlene would go on to be raised in a somewhat homogenous surrounding. Unlike most Canadian children in the late 1960's though, she had the opportunity to experience the wonder of cultural diversity.  

Encouraging readers to embrace the diversity of people in their community and the world, The Little Girl from Osoyoos tells Pearlene's story of growing up in small-towns while being introduced to the diversity of the world’s cultures by visitors from across the globe, while also learning to appreciate Canada’s Indigenous culture.

As a child, Pearlene grew to understand that although clothing, language, and food preferences may differ, the important defining aspects of humanity are shared by all. More than ever, individuals of all ages can benefit from being reminded of these important facts.

This delightful and engaging story will inspire readers of all ages to welcome and celebrate new friends from around the world. It’s the second in a series of children’s books that will build an understanding of contemporary social issues leading to an aware and sensitive generation of young adults.

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