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Devon Clunis was raised in Harmony Vale, Jamaica. He immigrated to Canada at the age of eleven. In Winnipeg, the city in which his family settled, Devon endured a significant cultural transition.

He experienced the discomforts associated with poverty and marginalization. It was through the care and consideration of invested teachers and coaches that he was able to lift out of his situation and secure for himself the future he dreamed possible.

From the start, Devon had a fierce grasp of his identity as a black immigrant living in a land of opportunity. He decided early in his youth that he would work to set an example for other minority children who were experiencing the same pains of cultural integration, social inequity, and the scarcity of potential exhibited in popular culture.

In short order, that took him onto the policing path. The choice was a remarkable one: this was a profession that was not conventionally considered open to people of colour.

Devon was one of Winnipeg’s first black police officers. When he was named Chief of Police — the seventeenth in that city’s history — he was the first ever black person to assume the post in all of Canada.


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